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Happy World Goth Day Darling! Soul Noir is very proud to announce our 2022 Fire Brand -Breda Lynch.  The Fire Brand  is a symbol of our subcultural representation, the heart of what we stand for and the face of our festival for the calendar year. The selected Fire Brand represents the ethos of rebellion, darkness and radicalism in the field of the Gothic / dark / alternative / underground cultural arts. The Fire Brand is  an agitator in the landscape of Soul Noir for their reigning year, generating events and happenings.

Breda Lynch - born in Kilkenny and lives in Limerick city where she works as a full-time lecturer in Fine Art at Limerick School of Art and Design. She holds a BA (Hons)Degree in Fine Art Print at Crawford College of Art, an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and an MPhil in Fine Art Print and Digital Media from the University of Wolverhampton. A visual artist working in a variety of media, including drawing, photography, print and digital media, video and installation. She engages with dialogues and discourses on - queer feminisms, th western mystery tradition and occulture, appropriation and the economy of the image. Lynch has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Ireland and abroad. A recipient of several awards and residencies Lynch is included in national and private collections. Her work was recently purchased by IMMA - Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Ireland for their permanent collections.

More details of Breda's plans for the year will be announced soon.

You can find this legendary artist's work on her website at her website and Twitter to learn more.

(image description: a photographic  portrait of Breda Lynch in her garden. She is visible from the collarbone to the top of her head. Breda wears black and has a prominent bat wing lining her eyes. She has a silver stud in her lip and has dark red hair.  Two large flowers bloom behind her. Breda makes an elegant hand gesture folding her fingers inwards near her collarbone.)