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Soul Noir is very proud to announce our very first Fire Brand - Sean Fitzgerald. A new initiative for our 2021 education and outreach programme, the Fire Brand will be a symbol of our subcultural representation, the heart of what we stand for and the face of our festival for the calendar year. The Fire Brand will represent the ethos of rebellion, darkness and radicalism in the field of the Gothic / dark / alternative / underground cultural arts. The Fire Brand will be an agitator in the landscape of Soul Noir for their reigning year, generating events and happenings. The role of the Fire Brand will be to bring about an awareness of our festival and to Goth /dark / alternative / underground culture as a whole through their practice, our combined social media platforms and additional events. The Fire Brand will enrich our organisation by garnering awareness for important movements / happenings to educate and agitate the public on underground arts and for Soul Noir to serve as a platform to our yearly selected firebrand.

Sean Fitzgerald was inspired from an early age by the many mysterious tales from Irish myths and folklore. His stippled illustrations are a celebration of these stories with strands of nature and ritual magic which he fuses into part traditional Celtic motifs. In 2019 he wrote and illustrated the book The Last Battle of Moytura (Hill of Tara Press) which told the story of the battle between good and evil with Balor of the Evil Eye and the God of Light, Lugh Lamfhada.

He has exhibited in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia.

More details of Sean's plans for the year will be announced soon.

You can find this outstanding artist's work on Instagram and Facebook to enrich your life and feed your soul. Walk in beauty and in darkness.