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Soul Noir 2017

Core festival October/November with additional events throughout the year

1768 townhouse North Great Georges St

A total list of our generous 2017 funders is available here. Without these 39 wonderful people we could not have raised the funds to make this festival the very best we can.

The full festival schedule/catalogue can be found here

Soul Noir 2017 was held in a 1768 townhouse in Dublin from October 31st - November 2nd.

Our award winners were:

Audience Favourite - Katie O' Neill
Best Emerging Artist - Pat Byrne
Dark Heart Award - Core Minimal
Best in Show - Kevin Nolan ft. Mark Ellison

Documentation by (with watermark) and James Brady.

Our 2017 Festival artists were;

Ann Ensor

Aileen Wallace

Austin Hearne

Boz Mugabe

Breda Lynch

Chloe Brenan

Ciana Fitzgerald

Core Minimal

Costanza Mansueti

Damien O' Reilly

Eileen Coll

Esther Raquel Minsky

de/konstruk/cionez records  (please email for more information)

Dorota Borowa

Isabella Oberlander

James Sheridan

Jamie Lalor

Jessica Kelly

Jonathan McNicholas

Jules Michael

Katie O'Neill

Kevin Nolan ft. Mark Ellison

Laura Spark

LC Butterly. -

Lee Boyd

Lorraine Cross

Maija Sofia

Marianna Mooney

Michelle Ryan

Niamh Coffey

Pat Byrne

Pauline Cummins

Rebecca Deegan

Ricí Ní Chléirigh (please email for more information)

Roberta Fiano

Robert P.Ryan

Saidhbhín Gibson

Sean Fitzgerald

Shota Kotake

Susan MacWilliam

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