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2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Left to Right
Soul Noir poster commissions by the frightfully talented Shota Kotake from 2017 - 2022 and poster design by Siobhan Fitzsimons with artwork Chandelier 2 (2022) by Breda Lynch for the 2023 poster

Since 2017, Soul Noir has been a much needed platform for Gothic and underground artists both in Ireland and internationally. We are dedicated to showcasing Gothic works from informed and insightful artists and to educate the public on Gothic culture as a valuable and inspiring vehicle for finding substance in life. Soul Noir has held its own in the Irish arts scene as a small but powerful influence based on our merits of proven fair treatment / equal treatment of artists and exhibiting the highest standard of works from influential established artists and embracing emerging artists of great promise withal. Supporting artists and brokering opportunities for connections to the public is key in our mission, we have exhibited 123 artists works from 10 different countries and 17 different nationalities. It is our mission to be a wailing voice for the Gothic and underground artists of Ireland who's work may have been overlooked by the general arts scene due to it's alternative topics. We hear you. We see you. Soul Noir labours for an Ireland where Gothic artists have an equal part to play in the conversation about meaningful cultures and where all artists are treated equally. Soul Noir is artist run and non- profit.

“An rud is annamh is iontach”
- What is strange is wonderful

What Soul Noir offers artists:

A professional, highly organised festival team

Respect for all artists individual artistic visions

Marketing and promotion

€100 artist fee

Professional documentation

A printed coloured catalogue of festival and all participating artists

No commission on sales

Soul Noir provides unique awards for participating festival artists. The categories are

The Dark Heart Award
(For the artist whose work most reflects the theme of the festival)

Best Emerging Artist

Best in Show

Audience Favourite

Soul Noir is all about EQUALITY | we are open to all artistic people from all different backgrounds. ATMOSPHERE | it is important for us to have the festival in a space that reflects the festivals ethos of embodiment of viewer experience. COMMUNITY | all events in the festival are free and open to the public. We have designed many programmes within the organisation that are about the community and have access points for audiences and creatives who are visually impaired. QUALITY | our festival artists are of the highest standards reflecting their commitment to the arts.

Read our manifesto here

Funding History:
2024, Neighbourhood Festival Grant, DCC Arts Office and private funding
2023, Neighbourhood Festival Grant, DCC Arts Office and private funding
2022, Neighbourhood Festival Grant, DCC Arts Office and generous public support
2021, Funding support from DCC Arts Office and generous public support
2020, Tallaght Library, SDCC Libraries and Creative Ireland
2019, Generous public support
2018, Generous public support
2017, Generous public support

Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life

making someone else’s dreams?

— Tim Burton

Soul Noir Team

Director, Founder, Curator and Chair of the Board : Sinéad Keogh - Multimedia Installation Artist and Curator.

Co-creative Director and Board Member: Jack Rabbit - Dance Artist.

CFO, Director and Board Member: John Paul Maguire - Financial transaction Manager and TCD Honor Roll Law Graduate.

Board Member and Creative Consultant: Shota Kotake - Professional Visual Artist. 

Soul Noir is kindly supported by Dublin City Council Arts Office and RTÉ Supporting the Arts

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